Pamela’s passion in life is to help people live their dreams by teaching them the tools and skills necessary to manage their hard-earned money.

Books and Articles

Three Little Piggy Banks

Financial Literacy for Children

This book is targeted to children, between the ages 4-8, and teaches the basic principles of personal financial management.

It is about 5 year old twins Ella and Andy who use their three little piggybanks called Savings, Sharing and Spending.

CBC: The Big Owe

How one woman paid of $50K of credit card debt

In October 2017, CBC ran a week long special about debt and money. Pamela George was featured in this article that explains the pitfalls of debt especially credit card debt.


5 Reasons Why I Wrote a Financial Literacy & Money Management Book for Children

Pamela George explains here motivation of why she wrote a financial literacy and money management book for children.

Four Easy Steps to Achieve Debt-Free Travel

Rusty Travel Trunk

Pamela George collaborated with Kendra of the Rusty Travel Trunk to provide you insight on how to plan for debt-free travel.

Love for the North

DC Canada Education Publishing

Pamela George's publisher for Three Little Piggy Banks, DC Canada Education has partnered with local businesses and individuals to send gift boxes to northern schools.

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