About Pamela George

Financial Literacy and Credit Counsellor

From a childhood of extreme poverty and growing up with an illiterate single-mother, I know firsthand what it is to suffer due to lack of money. But financial education helped me to break the cycle of poverty and moved me into the life that I have now. A life where my dreams come true. 

Over the years, I have also seen and met people who suffer in similar ways as I did, even though they have access to money in the form of income and available credit. This inspired me to pursue a career in financial counselling, so I could stop the suffering.

Using my childhood experience, as well as my knowledge and expertise in financial literacy and credit counselling, I am able to help my clients who are struggling with their finances.

I am an Accredited Financial Counsellor of Canada® (AFCC) and a member of the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education® (AFCPE). I am also a member of the International Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA). I have over nine years’ experience working as a Credit Counsellor and a Financial Aid Officer.

I am the author of Three Little Piggybanks, a children’s book on Financial Literacy which was selected as one of the top books for teaching kids about money by Credit Counselling Canada.

I have been featured on CBC’s “All in a Day” and “The Big Owe” - a six-part series on debt and money management.

I have also been featured in the following:

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Toronto Sun

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